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Building Vascular Networks and Blood-Brain-Barriers through a Biomimetic manufacturing Technology for the fabrication of Human tissues and Organs

Pipetting Samples


THOR solves the drawbacks of the current engineering technologies, reproducing complex geometries of native tissues with the combination of cutting-edge technologies:
- self-assembling molecules inspired by the extracellular matrix
- self-assembling polymeric fibres and tubes
- materials functionalization
- cutting-edge mini robots to weave 3D self-assembling structures with factors and cells


THOR tissue arises from high-resolution 3D spatial positioning of biomaterials, angiogenic
factors and relevant cell lineages, reprogrammed and expanded in a dedicated bioreactor
under controlled conditions.


The construction of a functional piece of hippocampal tissue, a structure that is one of the most plastic regions in the mammalian brain.


We aim at creating a precise organization of both neural fibres and vessels, a functioning blood-brain-barrier (BBB) on the microfluidic system with unprecedented life-time expectation (>1 month)

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