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Work Packages

WP1: Spiderbots and micro-devices environment

Development and implementation of the technologies required for building the vascularized scaffold. The technologies include the design and fabrication of the spiderbots, the design of Self-assembling molecules, the production of the fibrillar and tubular structures and the biofunctionalization of the structures.

WP2: Microfluidic system for vascular and BBB models

Development and test of a microfluidic platform for perfusion and culture of vascular and Blood-Brain-Barrier models, creating new microfluidic technologies for a BBB Organ-on-Chip platform capable of maintaining the correct perfusion of the artificial tissue for long-term periods.

WP3: In vitro tests of THOR tissues; 2D & 3D studies

Testing of the performances of the prototype of THOR by means of 2D and 3D analysis of architectural, functional and biochemical properties of the woven tissue (vascular and neuroglia ones). Analysis of physicochemical characteristics of 3D THOR-woven tissues.

Analysis of the dynamics of THOR-integrated biomolecules in 3D cultures.
We aim at characterizing different THOR prototypes by measuring and quantifying the functional properties of vascular tissue, neurons and glia. In 3D cultures, we will evaluate cellular/neurite elongation and the creation of functional networks between THOR woven layers as well as between two distantly located tissues.

WP4: Study of biohybrid vascularized hippocampal tissue

We will validate the THOR system studying THOR-DG hybrid tissue prototype culture systems, assessing the Blood-Brain-Barrier integrity and function in vitro, and by means of structural and functional study of neural plasticity in THOR DG-hippocampus.

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